Who is Ron Cameron?

Ron Cameron is the owner and chairman of the board of Mountaire Farms, one of the largest chicken producers in the United States. The grandson of Mountaire’s founder, Guy Cameron, Ron served as president and CEO of the company from 1978, following the death of his father, Ted, until 2018.

Most importantly, as owner and chairman of Mountaire Farms, Ron has the power—and responsibility—to end the countless abuses inflicted on animals and workers.

The chicken industry knowingly neglects the welfare of animals. From the very first days of their lives until their final moments, chickens endure horrific, unimaginable torture. One of the very worst aspects of these birds’ lives, however, is when they reach the slaughterhouse, where the vast majority of meat producers use a method known as “live-shackle slaughter” to kill them.

Live-shackle slaughter is one of the greatest causes of suffering in slaughterhouses today. Chickens are slammed upside down into metal shackles, with such force that it frequently breaks their legs. Desperately struggling to breathe, the birds are then dragged through an electrified water bath, which is supposed to render them unconscious before reaching a blade to slice open their throats. The final step in this horrifying process is to have their bodies submerged into scalding tanks that are meant to remove their feathers. Heartbreakingly though, many chickens will miss both the water stun and the blade, which results in thousands of fully conscious birds being boiled alive every single week in US slaughterhouses.

And it’s not only the animals who suffer from this gruesome industry standard. Workers often labor in unsanitary, dangerous conditions and typically in near-total darkness. Due to the extreme stress, birds flap around erratically and frantically claw at the employees, who then end up covered in scratches, feces, blood, and pathogens.

Over 180 major companies have committed to end the cruel, archaic practice of live-shackle slaughter, yet several of the largest meat producers have made little to no progress on this issue, including Mountaire Farms.

It’s time for Ron Cameron to take meaningful action for animals and workers by using his power to end the use of live-shackle slaughter in Mountaire Farms’ supply chain.

If Ron truly cares about doing the right thing, he will set standards for Mountaire Farms’ supply chain that align with the Better Chicken Commitment and prioritize animal wellbeing and workers’ rights over profits.

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